How to Get to UP-Ayala TechnoHub?

Since the year Up-Ayala TechnoHub was established, the percentage of people going to University of the Philippines increased. Well, most of them are students but some of them are employees and firm owners of small-time businesses in this famous firm 'incubator'. Although this building is a bit far from the main campus, it's still considered as part of the UP-Diliman premises. Over the years, the UP-Ayala TechnoHub has developed and a lot of restaurants and establishments put up their businesses here.

But how do you get to this technopark? If you're not familiar with the roads in Quezon City, fear not because commuting here via public utility vehicles is as easy as counting one to three. First and foremost, please keep in mind that UP-Ayala Land TechnoHub is situated along Commonwealth Avenue. Also remember that the major landmark that you can take note of is the Philcoa. Don't fret about this because a lot of public utility vehicles like jeepneys and buses pass through this road everyday. If you are coming from south cities like Makati and Pasay and are travelling via MRT, the nearest stations are Quezon Avenue and the North Avenue.

Here are some of the travel/commuting options that you can take:

From southern cities like Makati, Pasay and Paranaque

1.Ride an MRT and stop at Quezon Avenue station. From there, look for jeepneys bound for Philcoa or Fairview. It's easy to see these vehicles as there are numerous PUJs like these passing. Once you're in the vehicle, just tell the driver to drop you off the TechnoHub. Well, even if you don't tell the driver, you will surely see the building because of its huge name.

2.From MRT North Avenue station, go down Trinoma's PUV terminal. It's on the left side of the mall and you won't have a hard time locating it. From there, just look for FX with UP route.

3.Along EDSA, ride a bus with the “Fairview” or “Commonwealth” sign and tell the bus conductor to drop you off the TechnoHub.

From Manila

1.If you are traveling via LRT1, you can drop by Edsa-Taft station and transfer to MRT. Form there, you can either go to Trinoma (via MRT) or just ride on buses along EDSA going to Fairview.

2.If you are coming from Quiapo or Espana, you can ride a jeepney that's bound for Quezon Avenue. From there, you can ride another jeepney bound to Philcoa.

If you think that you still can't find the courage to venture in Quezon City via public utility vehicles, you can always ride a taxi/cab and just tell the driver “UP TechnoHub” and he will surely know where to drop you off. But if you want to save a few bucks and choose to ride a PUV instead, just follow the directions mentioned above and you will surely get to the UP-Ayala TechnoHub.