About UP Ayala Technopark

Having a business in line with technology or the internet is somewhat risky. First, you have to keep in mind that you there are millions of competitors out there and venturing in a “technopreneurship” can burn a whole in your wallet. If all goes well, then you earned yourself some greens and experience. But what if it doesn't? Then you only earn a bitter experience that might be a cause of your trauma in starting a dot-com business. If only there's a place where you can start your business without having to risk everything, then everything will be fine, right? Wait, are you familiar with UP Ayala Technopark? If not, then keep reading because you will surely get a good deal of information from this article.

The University of the Philippines Ayala Technology Business Incubator or TBI is a place where starters of dot-com businesses are given much favor.  UP Ayala Technopark aims in making the spirit of “technopreneurship” alive and growing with the help of budding small firms in it. This technopark is considered as an “incubator” where small businesses are given assistance in increasing their probability of survival in the first crucial years of business. But how will the technopark determine that their help resulted to something positive? It's when business locators leave the incubator because it has grown or expanded.

Starting firms are provided with physical facilities and other things that a certain firm might be lacking. If you will compare with other rental spaces in  Makati in Eastwood, the UP TechnoHub offers cheap rates – perfect for companies that can't even afford to hire people. Now that's something worth the people's applause, right? Imagine if there are a lot of “incubators” that will be established in some urbanized places in the country, the bankruptcy rate here in the Philippines will lessen and many budding companies will more likely to reach their peak of success.

This project is not only beneficial for businesses but also the the sponsoring parties like the Ayala Foundation and the University of the Philippines. Did you know that the rental fees yield financial support to the university? The rental fees are divided between the university and the Ayala foundation on a 60-40 basis. From the year 2001 to 2004, the TechnoHub generated a total revenue of P3.04 million pesos. The 60% of the revenue amounting to P1.82 went to the university.

If you will take a look at the strategy, you will clearly see how a brilliant idea really works for the benefit of all. Sprouting businesses are given the chance to grow, a university gets financial help and a foundation finds credit in this wonderful project. Hopefully, in ten years time, more projects like this will be established. Of so, many the country will be a better place for small-time business investors.